Join us!

An open, no-obligation-invitation, to discover yourself

To gain a deeper insight into Spirituality and Sufism, do make some time to meet up with our members. Whether you are a seasoned seeker, or if you are just taking baby-steps in that direction, or if you are simply seeking to find meaning in this dreary life filled with meaningless entertainment – whether you are a Muslim or not – please feel free to drop us a line.

We will be delighted to answer your queries. We would even love to have tea with you.

If you are already from another tariqah, and you feel attracted to these teachings, you can still join us, whilst keeping the practices of your current tariqah, if you wish to.

If you are not from Singapore, and you wish to join the Tariqah, do drop us an email, and we will direct you to the nearest Naqshbandi Aliyyah Group near your location.

If you are from Singapore, we meet weekly at our Zawiyah@Yishun, every Friday night at 8.45pm. Zawiyah@Yishun is at A’Posh Bizhub, #03-19. This is on the night between Fri and Sat.

There are absolutely no fees, payments or charges involved at all. All we request, is that you open your hearts to listen to the teachings, and to ponder over them seriously. After all, what could be more important than a matter of eternity?

For enquiries, please contact Brother Muhammad Faisal at +65 97103152/82009955 or you may drop us an email at


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