Practices of Zulkaedah

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt dear brothers, sisters and respected elders,

Maulana’s instructions for Dzulkaedah

Alhamdulillah, we are now in the blessed month of Dzulkaedah, the first of the four months where it is haram to go to war. Maulana has advised us all to stay home as much as possible, especially for the ladies. Men are to return home after work, and not lepak2 outside anywhere, and mureeds must try to remain home after ishak if there are no important majalis to attend. They are also to quit smoking immediately.

You may watch the Suhbah on Saltanat here:

Daily Wirid for Protection

Daily, we are drawing nearer and nearer to the awaited coming of Sohibul Zaman (as). Difficult world events are unfolding, and Maulana said the limit for cruelty and oppression is drawing near, and we may see a Divine decree by 10th of Muharram 1434, or 23rd November this year. I have already sent out this daily ‘Wirid for Protection’, by sms to all:

This is a Summary of all the DAILY amal that must be done from now on for protection, that Maulana has taught in the past few years:

Shahadat – 3X

Istighfar – 300X

Ya Hafeez, antal Hafeez – 100X

Hasbunallah, Robbunallah – 100X

Ta’awwuz (A’uzubillahiminash…) – 70X

Basmalah (Bismillahir….) – 100X

La ila ha illa anta, subhanaka inni kuntum minazh zholimeen – 100X

Selawat Tunjina (pg 44 of Green Naqshbandi handbook) – 40X

Sayyidas Selawat (pg 58 of Green Naqshbandi handbook) – 1X

The Doa of Protection of Maulana sent out recently – 7X (see below for explanation)

Verse 9 of Surah Yasin – 1X

Ya Wadood – 100 to 300X

Fatihah – 1X

Surah Ikhlas – 1X

Surah Alfalaq – 1X

Surah Annas – 1X

Do what you can and at any time and in any sequence. Must complete once a day, at least the 3 Shahadats and 300 Istighfars.

Make intention to be protected from Physical Dangers, Spiritual Disturbances, Evil Eye, Black Magic & Depression, and to be bestowed Spiritual strength to serve Him. Shukran, wassalam.

Maulana’s special Do’a to be read 7 times

Maulana has also instructed mureeds to recite a ‘Do’a of Protection’ 7 times daily. I have attached the file with this email. The meaning of that Do’a in English is as follows:

“O Allah! I ask You, by Your Most Honoured Perfect Great Name, do not allow such a one to have power over us – one who is a stubborn oppressor, or one who is a mutinous shaithan or a human who has hasad (envy in his heart) – be they a weak or a strong one, a righteous or an unchaste one, a slave or an oppressor – from amongst your creation.”

Sheepskin Rug

Many moons ago, Maulana mentioned that each home should have a Sheepskin rug to pray on, especially if you would like to sit on it for for long periods. Here is a short except of how special a Sheepskin Rug is:

“The Fleece of sheepskin has excellent insulating properties and it is also resistant to flame and static electricity. The wool is considered by the medical profession as hypoallergenic. Sheepskin wool is soft and resilient. Its fibers breathe, acting like a natural thermostat for your body. The hollow fibers can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet. Air flows freely between your body and the sheepskin providing the utmost in comfort. The natural lanolin found in sheepskin provides a luxuriously soft feel against your skin and greatly improves the quality of life for those confined to one position for long periods of time. Enhancing the comfort level for everyday sleeping, sitting, commuting or just relaxing, sheepskin is pure and simple, the natural choice.”

I wanted to order from overseas, but it is very expensive. A few days ago, I saw (and bought) Sheepskin Rugs at IKEA (Tampines). The brand is LUDDE. It is $69, about half the price as compared to overseas. It is natural Sheepskin, very soft and comfortable. If you wish to buy, do note that, since God created sheep of different shapes and sizes (like our jema’ah), the skins are of different lengths, breadths, colour and thickness. So do choose carefully to find one that suits your taste.

Habbatus Sauda still available

Habbatus Sauda paste at $25 per bottle is still available. Please order and we will bring on Thursdays. The Holy Prophet (saw) has said in a Hadees, “Be with Habbatus Sauda always, it is a cure for all diseases, except death.”


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