Seed of faith

18th Aug 2011.

Today’s Suhbah.

There are two kinds of ppl.

1) Those busy with Allah.

2) And those busy with other than Him, busy with the ego’s yearning….dunia.

Ahli dunia spend time with dunia, which is najis, so they become najis also, just like the man in the blacksmith shop who becomes covered in dirtiness.

Those who are busy with Allah, are dressed in His Names & Attributes, just like how the man in the perfume shop becomes fragrant. Those busy with the Love of Allah become lights of beauty & fragrance.

Just as a seed needs to be secluded away from dunia to germinate, we need to be in iktikaf (our hearts emptied of dunia), for the seed of iman in our heart to develop into a sapling. A drop of sperm is despised & has no value, hence it is disposed. But once it germinates into a baby, it has immense value. That seed of iman, if it never becomes a tree, then how is it to acquire value? The fragrant flowers & the tasty fruits of a tree, the shade, beauty & wood from it, brings rahmat to those around it. One with faith benefits those around it, like Rahmatulil ‘alameen.

Signs of true faith (once the seed germinates) are three. He can hear the zikir of every living & inanimate object, he knows the wisdom behind each creation & he can speak to anyone without hijab from the Spirit world, the alam barzakh.

Once the seed of true iman grows in our heart, the eyes & ears of the heart develop & you will see all these as a reality. That is why the Jew in Nabi Musa’s (as) time was asking for one drop of real iman, as he was tasting nothing in 70 years of worship (yesterday’s Suhbah).

Bi humatil habeeb, bi hurmatil fatihah.

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