Two Naqshbandi Zikir Groups in Singapore

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt to all fellow seekers,

The Suhbahs that we are having this Ramadhan by Sultan are very important for our spiritual transformation. Time is very short now, Maulana said in last Friday’s Suhbah, that our current Ramadhan could be the last chance for us to ‘transform’, before the coming of terrible events that may leave millions, or maybe billions in disaster. Natural disasters from heavenly vengeance of the scale we have never seen are looming ominously just ahead, and Maulana said, “Even I am trembling now…” So we must all be trembling even more, for every cruel one will be destroyed when we approach the Last Days, that is why Maulana is directing Suhbahs at our hearts to remove cruelty, evilness and hasad.

So do re-read the past two Suhbahs, and reflect on how to practise them. Be good ones! In the coming Suhbahs, you will see the wisdom in Maulana’s teachings, how these Suhbahs will destroy the tree of evil and sin within yourselves, provided you practise them diligently and encourage your loved ones to do so too.

Before signing off, I would like to leave a few words of advice. After all, religion is advice, so at every opportunity, we should impart nasihat to each other.

Remember that Maulana has said, that students of Tariqah are like patients in a hospital. As such, whether a person in Singapore Naqshbandi is in this group or the other, we are all patients in the same hospital, under the care of the same doctor (Maulana Shaykh Nazim).

In any hospital, there are different wards, for people of different illnesses. For example, let us take two wards, one for people with broken bones (orthopaedic) and the other for people with eye problems (ophthalmology). In each ward, the patients receive specific medication and treatment for their sickness.

The two groups in Singapore represent two wards in the same hospital. There are people with different spiritual illnesses, and Maulana has assigned the muheebs to different groups, for different medication and treatment suitable for their respective illnesses.

There is no need to recruit anyone between the two groups/wards! We only have to inform all Singapore muheebs of the existence of two zikir groups, but we should never recruit anyone to join us. Maulana said, “Let them have a choice, so that they are happy. No one is obliged to join this one or that one.” The wisdom is very clear, once we understand the analogy of the two hospital wards. If a patient who has an eye problem, is recruited to join the bone-treatment ward. he will derive no benefit at all, as the medication there is not suitable for his disease.

I know that we haven’t been recruiting, but some people from the other group have this impression that we are out to kidnap them, or to convince them to join us. ┬áIt is Maulana who will direct the hearts of the muheebs to the two different wards, just like in a hospital, no one goes to a ward of his choice, he is directed there by doctors. Maulana has forbidden us to even recruit people from other Tariqats, it is obvious that recruiting from within the Tariqat is unheard of.

Some of our brothers from the other group have commented that they may be ‘forced’ to attend our zikir, since they would like to hear the Summaries of Maulana’s Suhbahs. As such, I have been posting these Suhbahs into circulation and on Facebook, so that they needn’t be ‘forced’ to attend just to listen to the Summaries, now they have access to the Suhbahs, and they can still attend the other zikir. They are happy with this arrangement, and so am I.

Let everyone be happy, that is what Maulana wants. If your good friend is happy to zikir elsewhere, then that makes Maulana happy, and we should be happy too. Even if some who are here with us, leave us, for the other group, Alhamdulillah, we should all be happy for them too. If a patient in the bone ward, hase had his fracture fixed, and he then goes to the eye ward, to have his eyes treated subsequently, why should that arouse anyone’s emotions or anger?

Numbers in each group, do not matter at all! Whether we have less or more members, is completely irrelevant to our spiritual advancement. Success, for members of both groups, does not come by deriding and condemning each other, or by aggressive recruitment and scare tactics. No! Success is measured by how many patients are cured of their illnesses. If we understand that we are all here because we are spiritually sick, and that we have placed ourselves under a Master Physician of Hearts and Souls to be treated, we must take the advice and medication he gives, in order that we are cured of our spiritual illnesses, so that we will return to Him, clean, healthy, and having attained His Pleasure. That is why Maulana said recently, “Fight devils and evils, don’t fight each other!”

Always remember, whether we remain a small closely knit group. or our ranks swell to many times this number, all of that is of no concern to any of us. When the Angel of Death swoops down on you, and you are still infected with spiritual diseases, then you have failed this journey, regardless of which group you are in. And if the Angel smiles at you and welcomes you to Ridwanullah (the Pleasure of Allah), to the Presence of Arhamarrahimeen (the One who is Compassionate and Merciful, far beyond our understanding of those Attributes), then you have succeeded, regardless of which zikir group you are in.

Let us keep praying for each other, and for all our brothers and sisters in the Way. Ameen.


abd sattar

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